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2009-09-30 16:36:29 by Unmorph

Gee, I wish I had something to say.


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2009-09-30 16:36:44

I watched 3 guys one hammer..... i fucking twisted and turned in my chair of just seeing this video imagine if you where this guy. And i mean that this is horrid shit guys ive seen all of the other gross videos on the internet and i mean all of them ! but this just shows how horrible humans really are!!.. fucking shit man.. i cant believe how these guys are smacking this guy with a hammer in his face till his face is just a bloody pile of meat ! but he is still alive...then they stab him in the gut many many many times with a screwdriver... and then steps on him, and he is like chocking on his own blood and making strange noises all the time. this is just plain FUCKING WRONG !! there is no way, no fucking way that these guys should be allowed to go free. And that this is accually happening all over the fucking world the whole time! Its just a nightmare. of all the innocent people.... getting mutilated and killed evreryday its just not what we where intended to do.

this is not even worth watching if you want to get grossed out this is just too much.


2011-11-28 09:17:15

Words are superfluous.


2012-07-09 09:51:08

You Did Said Something So No Need To Wish For It =D